4 foods that must be cooked before consumption

4 foods that must be cooked before consumption
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  1. Chicken and pork meat
  2. Morels
  3. Green beans and eggplants

Eating well to preserve your health is a crucial thing to think about every day. To do this, some foods must be cooked well before ingesting them at the risk of having gastric disorders. What are these foods? This article suggests four of them.

Chicken and pork meat

Meat can be eaten cooked, rare, or braised. For chicken and pork, the principle is not the same. They should be cooked before braised.

These two types of meat contain many more bacteria that are harmful to the human body than other meats. It is therefore recommended to cook them to make them healthy. Your well-being is at stake.


These popular edible mushrooms are often eaten raw by most consumers. This is a mistake that should be avoided, as studies show that when they are not cooked first, they can cause severe anemia and other ailments. This is mainly because of the substances they contain which, when raw, can be fatal to your body.

Green beans and eggplants

As a precaution, it is advisable to cook vegetables in general to avoid typhoid fever. For green beans and eggplants, it is not only a matter of taking precautions. It is mandatory to cook them before consumption because of their chemical composition.

Beans are known for their high protein content. They are therefore difficult to digest when they are not cooked. Also, when they are green, they contain phaseolin, a substance that is toxic to the stomach.

As for eggplants, they contain a high amount of solanine. It should be noted that this substance can quickly become toxic to the body if consumed in a certain dose. It is therefore important to boil green beans and eggplants before eating them. Health is priceless, do what is necessary before consuming your food.


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