5 useful technological innovations in the kitchen

5 useful technological innovations in the kitchen
Table of contents
  1. The thermomix, the multifunctional food processor
  2. French intelligent cutlery
  3. Juicers
  4. The wine machine
  5. The vacuum packing machine

The kitchen seems to be an area where innovations have long been muted. But, in contact with the technological evolution, this sector is gradually taking shape through the design of intelligent accessories of the culinary art. What innovations are useful in the kitchen? Our answers.

The thermomix, the multifunctional food processor

The thermomix has truly revolutionized this field thanks to its functions. With it, you no longer need to wait for everyone to come home before concocting your dishes because it helps you keep your meals at the desired temperature. It exists in several models and is available at a price of 1000 €.

French intelligent cutlery

Cutlery has also been highlighted by innovators in the culinary arts sector. The objective of this innovation is to make people taste dishes slowly. That's why forks and spoons are equipped with the ability to vibrate in your mouth when bites are too close together. In doing so, you're exploring new ways to enjoy the food you're cooking.


With technology, there is plenty to equip your kitchen space. Juicers have proven to be the best tools to help you accomplish certain tasks. Their role is to prepare different cocktails. Designed with a very thin frame, they allow you to preserve your nutrients.

The wine machine

A wine machine: what could be better for a wine lover! You certainly know how hard it is to make wine. With this accessory, it is no longer a question of opening bottles of wine and tasting them. The particularly neat machine allows you to regulate the aeration of your bottles.

The vacuum packing machine

This innovation increases the chance of preserving food. It is an excellent accessory for batch cooking lovers. Here, the particularity is that it saves you more space and has many modes that adapt to the ingredients.


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